Sharing Similar Goals

Hidden behind Old Amersham's historic High Street sits a well-maintained piece of turf. This is the home to the over 130 year old football club Amersham Town FC "The Magpies", now proudly sponsored by Yumshi. 

The year 2021 sparks a renewed burst of energy for the club. With a newly extended clubhouse, new manager, and a new sponsor, the club shows off its heightened league ambitions. Swiftly after COVID-19 cut the 2020 season short, manager James Hall was appointed as the new man in charge. Club chairman Simon Damery explained, "This is an opportune moment to bring in a new face with new ideas."

Funded by local fundraising, and with the help of the Football Stadia Improvement Fund, the HS2 Community and Environment Fund and administered by Groundwork UK, the club was able to extend and renovate the 100 year old club house, which was "outdated and increasingly difficult to heat and maintain".

Yumshi's donations to the club will help fund the kits, footballs, officials, and other operational expenses. Amersham Town FC attracts young and promising players from the local area; with close association with King's Church Amersham (Under 18s) Football Club. Our ambition is to help build the dreams of our local future stars.

Yumshi and Amersham Town FC both share very similar goals. To renew and reinvent what had become well respected but stagnant; in order to create a wider spreading positive influence to the community.

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