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Our Eco Values

One of our high priority objectives as a business is to ensure we are doing our bit to help the global fight against climate change. As a start-up business, we admit we do not have unlimited resources and finances at our disposal to be where we would like to be currently. However, every decision we make takes into consideration how we can get one step closer.


Here's a list of all the packaging we use to send your meals over to you.

Item Material What to do?
Shipping Box Contains 80% recycled material, 20% wood from sustainable sources Reusable, widely recycled
Insulation Contains 100% recycled newspaper Widely recycled
Coolant Packs Coolant gel is non-toxic and harmless to the environment.
Outer film is LDPE 4.
Gel packs can be refrozen and reused.
Gel can be poured down sink, outer film can be recycled (rinse first).
Meal Sleeve Brown kraft board (carbon neutral) Widely recycled
Keep Dry Bags Plant based materials Can be used in your kitchen caddy, 100% biodegradable.
Meal Tray High percentage of recycled CPET - future plans to replace with non plastic alternative Widely recycled
Meal Tray Film Polyester Recyclable (check with local authority)

Delivery Service

Our chosen courier service DPD have an ongoing carbon neutral commitment when delivering our parcels to you. They have strived towards this goal by improving the efficiency of their transport network and using alternative fuel vehicles.

Waste Disposal

We use Simply Waste Solutions to help us take away our business waste. They have a "zero waste to landfill" policy. All unrecycled waste is converted into energy to power homes and businesses.

The Future

Our future commitment is to ensure we are a carbon neutral business with little to no use of plastics in our packaging. We are currently part way there, but we have ongoing plans to ensure we get there as quickly as possible.