Our Story

Your Local Chinese

Chinese food is the UK's favourite type of cuisine when it comes to ordering a takeaway. Most of us have a favourite local, however the majority of us have no idea what goes into those little foil boxes. We know what should be going in your food, only the good stuff!

Yumshi has its roots embedded in Amersham, Buckinghamsire. Founded from a long line of Chinese restaurants passed down from one generation to the next. Ken Leung ran the most recent business with his family, which was established in 1997.

We've reinvented our recipes by using only fresh & quality ingredients from reputable suppliers, with a focus on plant-based dishes that appeal to all. Our meals are freshly cooked, chilled and sealed for delivery around the country. They last up to a week in the fridge or can be frozen for you to enjoy later. Just reheat them in the microwave or oven at your convenience.

The nature of our business revolves around sustainability. We believe that if everybody consumed a tasty plant-based meal at least once a week, we'll all be contributing to a better planet. Our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable, and delivery is performed by our carbon-neutral partner. The spare meals that are left over every week are sold on at discounted prices to the local community.

Every customer has helped us grow and get better at what we do. We treat every customer like a friend, just how like how Ken greeted every customer that came through the door. Just remember we are always hear to help, we hope you enjoy our meals!

Jonny Leung
Co-founder & CEO